Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wheel of Fortune - Canada Week

So last night I happened to turn on the TV to find that TiVo was in the middle of recommending an episode of Wheel of Fortune for me, which is easily the single greatest thing it's done all year because it was Canada Week. Laura tells me that they have these theme weeks all the time but it's been a good 10 years since I've watched an ep of WoF.

So there are Canadian flags all over the set on TV monitors and the clues are Canadian themed and the whole time I was watching it I felt weird like it was vaguely racist or something, except Canadian is clearly not a race. The whole thing was gloriously bizarre but they try to justify it by point out that this is the first year Wheel of Fortune is broadcast on the CBC.  

So the most important thing.... the clues, in order of appearance:

"Maple Leaf" - At this point I'm just thinking. "Uh uh! They did not!"

“Niagra Falls”- Something like half Canadian.

More about this TV milestone after the jump!

At this point Pat randomly blurts out "I'm feeling so Canadian here tonight" and I can't even begin to guess what that means.

"Hockey Legend Wayne Gretzky" - This is a given and frankly it took a shocking amount of time for the contestants to guess that Gretzky was going to be an answer. I do appreciate though that the Wheel of Fortune staff, knowing they had a full week of this theme have the same level of knowledge of Canadian culture as your average second grader.

"Tossing a Frisbee on the Beach" - This one threw me for a loop until I realized it was for a special prize, a vacation in the Bahamas.

Before & After... Canadian Style yielded: "Bible Class Clown" - All I could think was, because in Canada they hate God?

"Members of Parliament" - Presumably they have a Parliament in Canada, one with members?

The final answer was"Jean Shorts" - I can't think of anything more Canadian, well maybe socialized medicine. Laura who I was IMing at this point referred to them as the Canadian Tuxedo.

They closed out the show with Canadian fun facts...

1)It's the second largest country by land area after Russia.
2) Also, Vanna was recommended for the show by Wayne Gretzky's wife.

Obviously the two most scintillating facts about Canada.


Laura Major said...

I'd like to clarify, I just happen to know that they have theme weeks. I don't actually like Wheel and the only reason I ever watch it is while waiting for Jeopardy.

Kate Winslet IV said...

one clue should have been that their heads come apart when they talk. i just reread that and i sound insane...but..you know what i'm referring too.