Friday, October 24, 2008

SNL Weekend Update Thursday 10/23

So last night I had the pleasure of being in the audience for SNL Weekend Update Thursday. Tickets are distributed by a lottery that accepts entries every year during the month of August only. A few week out, they send out an e-mail telling you and a friend how to get your tickets. I'll be making another post about the experience but until then, here are the highlights of last nights show.  

George W. Bush endorses John McCain
Tina Fey AND Will Ferrell, so exciting! His version of W is my favorite SNL election parody ever. Strategery!
More about last night's SNL Weekend update Thursday after the jump!

Fred Armisen gets his Ineractive Map On
I think this joke will only seem funnier after election night which I will spend watching newscasters do this for something like 5-6 hours, desperately trying to fill time while still not knowing what's going on. 

First Cellphone Call an "Jam the Vote!"
My favorite joke for the whole episode is the recording of the First Telephone call. Ghostbusters shoutout! Also Andy Samberg's "Jam the Vote!" segment made it clear just how much I'm writing down Kristen Wiig when I get into the voting booth this year. No? 

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