Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shatner Snubbed in Sulu Nuptials

Bill "Captain Kirk" Shatner gave an awkwardly tongue-in-cheek/vaguely homophobic interview about how he wasn't invited to George Takei's wedding, the epitome of all nerdy gay weddings (Chekov and Uhura were the best man and matron of honor). Takei has countered, saying that Shatner was invited. Who to believe? Does it matter? William Shatner is welcome at my gay wedding, as long as he brings his equally famous hairpiece and Patrick Stewart along with him. 

Shatner responded to the accusations that he didn't come after being invited, saying they were preposterous as he would fly to the wedding and find cheap accommodations using, where he could name his own price. 

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