Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Confessions of a Buffy Fanatic - David Edition

*WARNING* The following post is shamefully nerdy.

There are far, far too many embarrassing things I could say about my Buffy obsession to list them all but here are a choice few:

1) I can name all 144 episodes of Buffy and 110 episodes of Angel in order by episode title and writer. Also, I didn't have to look up how many episodes of Buffy and Angel there were. Oh and I can identify any of those writers by picture.

2) I can identify just about any episode by watching 1 or 2 seconds of it. It doesn't matter what it is. I google image searched "buffy giles" and got the image above. The top three frames are from the episode "The Gift" and the bottom three are from "Grave." They're the fifth and sixth season finales. Yeah.

3) When Laura and I started watching Buffy and Angel on DVD I wanted to watch them in seasons instead of flipping back and forth, as they occur concurrently, so I mapped out when the crossovers were and made a special order to keep continuity while watching as many in a row from each series as possible. I didn't have to look up ANYTHING to do this. *sigh*

4) When I was in the 8th grade I carved my own stake out of a limb from the backyard and would occasionally pretend to fight vampires in my bedroom with it.

5) I really want pretty much all of these replicas, but I REALLY want the full size Slayer's scythe. And yes it's like $300 depending on where you look for it. Also I'm now 25 and I would totally run around the apartment with it the first few weeks pretending to fight vampires with it.

6) I once entered into an online Buffy trivia competition and I didn't miss a single question... which meant when I was confronted by someone equally as nerdy as me we went through 120 emergency tiebreaker questions until I finally won. 

7) I used to own AND wear a Claddagh Ring... in public. Solely because Buffy and Angel had them. Though I didn't really support Buffy/Angel as a couple until I was an adult because of my MAD crush on Xander. (I still think Buffy should end up with Xander.)

8) Because I'm marrying a fellow Buffy nerd we have a total of 3 copies of every episode of Buffy, two individual season sets AND the Complete Series box set, which is pretty and comes with an extra disc of Joss Whedon talking in great detail to people like me who would actually listen to something like that. 

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