Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Okay, maybe I should've improved my attitude."

It's the final episode of the season and it's finally about the fashion again. Also I finally don't have to worry about spelling Jerell right for this whole post! The final three cast some models. Leanne refers to one as that "alien looking girl." Kenley steals a line from Laura when she says "I don't give an eff!!" Korto walks around the studio wearing a purple dress the exact shade of the wall behind her and she becomes just a floating head to me. A model's puppy expresses some distaste for Leanne's line by pooping next to it and she "can’t even imagine explaining that to the judges that there’s dog crap on the evening gown.”

We zoom over to Collier Strong at the L'Oréal Paris Tyler Perry's Madea's makeup room and while he's designing looks for the models I wonder if his birth name was something like Pete Smith. 'Cause if his parents named him Collier Strong, they knew what they were getting into. Tim gets everyone together for "the last gather round" and shows what a big softie he is. He is hands down one of the most sincere and interesting people on television. And without too much drama we get to the show at Bryant Park.

The runway and the winner after the jump!

At the tent Michelle Trachtenberg  towers over Christian Siriano. He must be three feet tall. Kenley's family is identified by onscreen text as they sit in the audience and I think to myself they are so brave for being id'd on national TV as having produced Kenley.

Kenley pops out with a weird hair nest and presents a collection which I'm frankly surprised by how much I like. It emphasizes a lot of bright colors, odd patters, a LOT of shoulder pads. 

This particular photo sadly doesn't capture how fierce this piece is when it's moving.

And sadly the goiter dress returns in a new form. 

Korto comes out and asks "Don't I look hot?" And she does. Her collection uses all these vibrant earthy tones. Nina mouths that she "likes the fabric" with such emphasis that Steve and I both mention it. At the end Korto’s daughter makes her way down the runway with her mom and my biological clock starts ticking. 

The Leannimal comes out and she's still the queen of awkward. Her collection is very sculptural, clean, cohesive and in danger of being one note. Overall it's my favorite. Though sadly her gorgeous wedding dress loses something on the white runway.

So we get the crowd reactions and I wonder if people ever say their favorite collection is one of the ones presented that isn't really one of the finalists. Blaine is "proud"-liscious? Everyone likes everyone, blah.

We go back to the judges and they ask the contestants why they deserve to win and I think to myself that the word "deserve" should be banned from all reality programming. The world would be a better place. The girls all cry like a bunch of Rickies. Heidi is for some reason incapable of pronouncing the word idea and instead says "idear" like my southern Grandmother. Oh and Leanne wins! For once the collection I like best wins!!!! 

So to finish off the season I thought it'd be fun to include all the many google search hits that have gotten people to our blog this season. They tell the story of this season far more succinctly than I ever good. Though to be honest, I don't really hate Kenley anymore.

"I hate Kenley" (x8) 
"who hates Kenley" (x5) 
"dear kenley i hate your" (x3) 
"everyone hates Kenley" (x2) 
"Kenley vampire teeth" (x2) 
"die Kenley Project Runway" 
"does everyone hate Kenley?" 
"who hates Kenley" 
"everybody hates Kenley" 
"Kenley sucks" 
and finally "Kenley die" 

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Rebecca said...

aww, i love you, david. we totally loved the same collection, of course. and with steve's consent, let's ivf a baby together. our baby would dominate the world...of pop culture. and awesomeness.