Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In My Room

(Ed. Note: it is fracking freezing in my house due to no heat and poor insulation. Since this post is about said house, I thought you should know.) P.S. Sorry for being somewhat absent these last few days...bloggers block?

Ok, so I’m a 24 year-old student getting my masters in Library Science. I think I’m at least somewhat mature, and I try to keep up with the times (or whatever it is those crazy kids are saying) so why is it that my room looks like a 12 year old gay, super nerdy, boy’s room?

I say gay/effeminate boy because I have a pretty girly bedspread, its from anthropologie and has flowers and other pretty patterns on it. I also have satin pillows and pictures of all of my friends all over my walls—very girly. The boy part kind of goes along with the super nerdy part and comes from all of the toys and other weird things I have lining my walls and taking up a great deal of surface/storage space.

The rest of my room, and pictures after the Jump!

I’m a big movie buff and I love movie posters, so that’s how I choose to decorate my wall. I hope whoever I spend my life with understands this about me, because I don’t know that I’m willing to change. I have some posters that make sense, like Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange and Teen Wolf—but I also have some strange ones that even I question, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I mean, that movie is OK, but I wasn’t crazy about it—I think I just liked the poster when I bought it.

I also have some odd Star Wars Memorobilia, including a Darth Vader mask that’s hanging on my wall. I got said mask with Rebecca “Golden Shower” Morrell before we went to see Revenge of the Sith—wow, I can’t believe I admitted that in a public forum. I also have a Wicket beanie baby that sits next to Cocky on top of my television (my light saber from attack of the clones is in Greenville).

My shelves hold many important items, including my ever expanding comic book collection, which sadly I’ve neglected lately, and my Buffy toys. I have a vamped out Angel complete with Baby Conner, and Anya in a bunny suit. David gave me Angel for my 23 birthday. Yes, I got an Angel action figure for my 23rd birthday, and yes, I loved it.

One of my most prized possessions on my shelves is a Harry Potter “Lumos” wand that I bought with David on my last night in NYC. It’s filled with sentimental value, as well as it’s overall awesomeness. I also have various other trinkets, including a super cool Dwight Schrute bobble head, but nothing quite as nerdy as the above items. So yeah, I probably should grow up one of these days, but I really like my nerdy things.


Rebecca said...

i'm going to ignore hating you and david for that bullshit right now, and focus on how you're less ashamed of teen wolf than charlie and the chocolate factory?

Laura Major said...

hahaha-I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that... and btw,
you know you love me, xoxo.