Friday, October 17, 2008

Marky Mark Sucks at Life

Earlier this week we posted about Marky Mark being unable to take a joke.. we had no idea how severe it was. His rage about the SNL skit that very gently mocked him two weeks ago seems to only be grown. He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and said of Andy Samberg:

"When I see that kid, I'm gonna crack that big fucking nose of his...and then I'm gonna tell him 'Say hi to your mother for me." He added: "I'm gonna get on a plane tomorrow, I'm gonna go down to 30 Rock or wherever the fuck they shoot that show, he probably doesn't have a dressing room so I have to find him in the cafeteria or wherever, and I'm gonna slap him in the big nose. Tune in, I gauran-fuckin-tee you."

Yeah. What a dick. I love it when people threaten a jew by saying they're going to "crack [their] big fuckin' nose." What really gets me is that he seems to think his little rant is funny and lighthearted. You're a celebrity. SNL can make fun of you. From his response you'd think the skit was Marky Mark Rapes Animals. This is really making me rethink my love of Good Vibrations. Oh by the way Marky Mark, say hi to you mother for me and let her know her son's an asshole.

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