Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best Week Ever is Dead To Me

I can't say how sad I am that Best Week Ever, VH1's weekly pop culture recap show, is going through a massive format change at the end of this month. The show has been slipping in quality over the past few years. Chuck Nice has hosted a revamped version of The Sizzler which is consistently the least funny thing on TV. They've relied more on scripted bits featuring celebrities promoting new shows, movies, albums, etc and frustratingly unfunny, recurring sketches like "Paul F. Thompkins Celebrity Defender."

VH1's solution, from an article in The New York Times:

The show will move to a new format, centered on a single host, the comedian Paul F. Tompkins. Though some features of the old “Best Week Ever,” like “The Sizzler,” a quick gossip rundown, will remain, and some former panelists will return for scripted bits, the new show will be more written-through, and may even have a less mean-spirited take, more in line with Mr. Tompkins’s genial point of view.

Of course the solution is more scripted bits, less snark, keep The Sizzler and have Paul F. Tompkins, of all people, host it. They should just rename it "The Soup 2 with Paul F. Tompkins." 

Sad day. Here's hoping the wonderful Best Week Ever blog will survive when the show doesn't. 

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