Tuesday, October 28, 2008

David and Laura Nerdiness

When planning Buffy day (because we are that cool), I decided to look back on some Classic David/Laura G-chats about the Buffster. Unfortunately I don’t have all of our iChats saved, or you’d be in for a real treat, but this one is kinda funny. (Ed. Note: this conversation took place over a few hours, so David actually watched and discussed more than one episode). Also, this will probably only be entertaining to David and me.

LM: I’m watching Batman Forever…wowzers
DB: I'm watching Graduation Day Part 2
DB: "well gosh"
LM: haha
LM: poorly executed cgi snake
DB: It's true
DB: Though for The WB in 1999 it wasn't that bad
LM: that’s also true
DB: I can't believe that was 9 years ago
LM: me either
DB: I remember watching that
DB: On RealAudio
DB: Because the actual airing was cancelled because of Columbine
DB: The didn't show it til mid-July
LM: eek
DB: Yeah. They didn't announce that it was cancelled until the day it aired either
LM: speaking of bad cgi, the cgi of gotham city in batman forever was really bad, it looked like myst
DB: They edited it and the full version hasn't been shown anywhere
LM: sad
DB: There was more school exploding
LM: ah
DB: and the original script had some rough lines at the end
DB: Including Xander saying "We blew up the school. It's the best day ever."
LM: wasn't “Earshot” near then as well?
DB: Yeah. Earshot was the week after Columbine
DB: It was cancelled too
DB: and didn't air til September
LM: poor Buf
LM: and by Buf I mean the series, not actually Buffy
DB: It actually showed a week or two before Season Four started
DB: But both aired as scheduled in Canada
DB: So people ripped it and put it online
DB: It's a shame though that some people saw The Prom without getting why Jonathan's award was so special

The Nerdiness continues after the Jump!

DB: I’m on Season 4 now
DB: Not sure how I feel about that
DB: I wish Season Two looked better
DB: But it's kind of painful in widescreen on the HD
DB: It looks REALLY blurry
LM: yeah
LM: I remember watching “Innocence” with you on the big screen, it was rough
LM: but season 4 has its moments i guess
DB: Season Four is great TV
DB: I just hate Riley
LM: haha, Marc Blucas is in some new movie
LM: Meet Dave
DB:Wow, That's gonna be a big breakthrough for him
DB: I like Season Four more than Six or Seven
LM: 6 has some good stand alones :)
LM: as does 7
DB: From best to worst my order is 5,2,3,4,7,6,1
LM: I thought you liked 3 better than 2
LM: clearly you know better than me
DB: That changes...
DB: I think 3 is better overall
DB: but 2 has much greater highs
LM: yah
DB: Buffy just dropped 3 textbooks on Riley's head
DB: That should really hurt him
DB: But he's special!
LM: haha, oh Riley
DB: I liked him up to a point
DB:I think "Doomed"
LM: I liked him, then got sick of him, then liked him again
LM: like, when I knew it was over between he and Buf, I started liking him again
DB: When he has his whole speech that's like "I don't want to force myself on you." and it's basically like he wants credit for not raping Buffy
DB: Creepy.
DB: Heh, The Celine poster
LM: haha
DB: Oh Olivia
LM: I'm not sure who Olivia is
LM: is she that vampire?
DB: Giles's Black English girlfriend
LM: oh yeah
DB: She's in like 3 episodes that season
LM: she's in hush
DB: All written by Joss
LM: yeah, she's weird
DB: She's in The Freshman, Hush, and Restless
LM: I guess Giles is a total womanizer and only wants her when crazy things happen
DB: 22 times a year?
LM: the crazy well written things
DB: Watching this episode is giving me early college nostalgia
DB: If only I could have tons of autonomy with everything paid for and all my friends in a 3 block radius again
DB: "fear leads to anger. anger lead to hate. hate leads to anger"
DB: "no wait"
DB: Aww. Xander.
LM: ohh Xander
DB: "Thanks for the dadaist pep talk. I feel much more abstract now"
DB: Nerdiest line on Buffy ever?
LM: It’s up there
DB: Oh Sunday, how are you gonna break the Class Protector award.
DB: Not a good idea
LM: bitch

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