Monday, October 20, 2008

The Office: Baby Shower

Breif Recap:
This week’s office was not my favorite. The first few minutes were ridiculous as Michael helped Dwight give birth to a Watermelon in anticipation of Jan’s Labor. It was just a little too far fetched and forced for me to enjoy, but maybe some people out there enjoy that humor…who knows. Phyllis and the party planning committee are hard at work on Jan’s baby shower, which isn’t coming together as well as Michael would have hoped—he feels that Jan deserves a “Golden Shower,” (a line which I’m sure Rebecca Morrell appreciated).

Michael told Holly he would probably act cold towards her while Jan was around, and Stanley informed us of his dislike for pregnant women. Jan showed up to the shower with a baby (little Astird), and ruined Kevin’s shower games. Throughout the day, Michael insulted Holly, and Jan sang a beautiful rendition of Son of a Preacher Man at her shower. Michael held Astrid while Jan was napping and said he didn’t feel anything, so he passed the baby off to Phyllis, then Angela somehow got a hold of her. When Jan woke up, Astrid was being photographed in some vegetables and it was hilarious, maybe the best part of the episode.

Pam and Jim were “out of sync” this week, but there was a touching scene at the end that showed how in sync they actually were. Another great Office moment occurred at the end when Michael defied Jan’s request/order, and asked Holly out. GO MICHAEL.


Rebecca said...

Um, that's a blog fail, Laura. Your many readers need more of an explanation as to why a golden shower is funny to me. Ah, what the hell. I'll just tell everyone that a former boss of mine suggested that my co-worker could relax if she had a golden shower. Gross.

David Burch said...

LOL I'm totally going to find a reason to blog about Golden Showers and mention you in reference to them again.

Laura Major said...

i hope this pop culture blog doesn't become a weird sex fetish blog.

Rebecca said...

i hate you guys.