Friday, October 31, 2008

30 Rock - Do-Over

Blogging about 30 Rock is difficult because I love it so much that I can't even begin to have a sense of objectivity or perspective. Including watching this online before it aired and re-watching it on TiVo I've already seen this episode 5 times. I'm pretty sure that in my ideal version of this post I'd just copy the entire script and put my favorite parts (which would be everything but the commercials) in bold. Keeping that in mind... here are the things I learned from this week's 30 Rock:

Dick Cheney is mostly metal.

Devon doesn’t even care when we should have cake for people whose birthdays are on the weekend… the Friday before at lunch.

Liz has gotten rid of all her Colin Firth movies in case they’re considered erotica. That man can wear a sweater.
The only thing Kathy and Devon need assistance with is deciding which John Mayer song to do it to.

That theme park fire didn’t destroy any of the stuff it was supposed to.

Rumors make a “ru” out of “mor” and “s”.

Jenna still doesn’t know how that Japanese commercial advertised Tokyo University but she’s going to use this $300 to buy us all some new boots for her.

Liz entertains gentlemen sex guests once a year, maybe, but she’d be open to cutting that down.

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Jenna has a stalker named Yolanda who sends her headless dolls. 

GE is just G. Devon sold the e to Samsung. They’re Samesung now.

Tracy’s has a giant piece of bling that says "Dong Slayer".

Tracy and Liz go back like spinal chords and car seats. That's not an expression.

Kathy and Jack hug it out to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's “Good Vibrations

Jack paid his way through Princeton by working that day shift at that graveyard and that graveyard shift at that Days Inn.

Kathy Geis wears Dora the explorer panties clearly made for an obese child

The best part of soap operas is when someone’s twin interrupts a wedding or someone pulls a gun at the fitness center.

Jack and Liz aren't the worst people. Graduate students are the worst.

Liz will make both of you disappear just like she did with Vivienne and Patch. She's just been paranoid ever since that incident with the weather machine.

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