Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey Celebrities, STFU!

It's our policy here at Pop Cultured to try to ignore the Presidential Election as much as possible, which is difficult because every day my facebook newsfeed, thanks to the work of my many friends, assaults me with petty accusations and talking points. What happened to adapting Wham lyrics as clever facebook statuses guys? As frustrating as that can be and it's REALLY annoying, there's an even more insidious trend going 'round the interweb right now... celebrities posting "funny" videos telling me who to vote for. These videos are popping up every day now and not only are they not funny at all, they're smug, annoying, and I'd argue they're working against their intended effect. 

The Cast of Gossip Girl wants you to talk to your parents about John McCain
"Voting Republican even once can have disastrous effects that last for years." Because Republicans bad, Democrats good. *sigh* Thanks for the ill informed partisan nonsense. Regardless of who you think should be president isn't talking to potential voters as if their entire belief system is evil a pretty crappy rhetorical strategy? Also it's the cast of fucking Gossip Girl!

More videos and commentary after the jump!

Hayden Panettiere
This is the commercial which finally pushed me to post about this phenomena because Hayden's delivery of this mishmash of reverse psychology and random outrageous claims is so obnoxious. Hey, Hayden, why would I want political advice from a 19 year old who left school in the 7th grade? Also, Heroes Season Three is seriously awful. 

Leo, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, and Courtney Cox don't want you to vote.
I'm gonna take a stand right now and say I am definitely voting after listening to these douchenozzles. Oh that's what they wanted? But if I don't vote I'm doing what they told me to do. Fuck it I'm just going to vote for whichever candidate would make Halle Berry cry. 

Hope, It Could Happen to You
This isn't so much a celebrity endorsement as it is Amber Benson and Rider Strong just acting in an Obama commercial. So this is what they're up to... 

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