Sunday, October 05, 2008

SNL Roundup 10/4/08 - Anne Hathaway

I'm sure every other blog out there is going to have the Palin/Biden debate sketch on it so here it is, but after the jump we pick the skits from last night's SNL that were even better. Well, by our warped standards they are. Random humor for the win! 

Digital Short: Extreme Challenge
Kristen Wiig is hands down the best thing about SNL right now and it's nice to see her in a Digital Short finally. Also, she looks fabulous when she's not playing a spaz, who knew? SHOE HANDS! 

Mary Poppins is a Big Whore
Whenever I watch this skit I like to imagine the response the writer got when pitching this idea. Also, this was my pick of the week for quoting on Laura's facebook wall: "Must be your cooking, Mary Poppins!"

Mark Wahlberg talks to Animals
Laura wanted to say that it was so fabulous that they got Marky Mark away from his busy pants dropping schedule to talk to animals. While I feel that animal reaction shots are always amazing and are the key to this skit. Also Laura quoted this one on my facebook wall today: "hey goat, its good to see you, i like your beard, i had a beard like that in a perfect storm, did you see that movie? did you see the perfect storm, goat? say hi to your mother for me, K"

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