Monday, October 06, 2008

Verbal Ticks - WTF Mate

Among the many awkward ticks that Laura and I share is the use of abbreviations in regular conversation. Sometimes it's in the form of abbreviated swear words, this started with her and somehow managed to seep into my brain. "What the F?" "GD!" or just the good old fashioned "F!" Though sometimes it involves the use of online abbreviation slang in everyday conversation..."WTF?!?" And has gotten to the point where I occasionally spell out abbreviations in IM chats "Oh me gee." I'm not sure when all of this started but I like to imagine that it has to do with this viral video from some time ago, which is certainly the origin of our friend Rebecca's most used abbreviated phrase "WTF mate?!?"

Language NSFW, Bee tee double you.

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