Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Origins of a Media Junkie - SNICK

I have always watched an ungodly amount of television, but most of my early childhood was spent watching children's programming, reruns on Nick and Nite, and whatever was on HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. That all changed on August 15, 1992 with the debuts of SNICK, Nickelodeon's 2 hour Saturday night block of programming for children. It was my first introduction to appointment television. Every Saturday night for the next two years, at least those where the HBO Saturday Night Movie wasn't something I'd wanted to see but could never ask my parents to take me to, I would plop myself down in front of the TV with a Coke and a microwavable pizza. 

Eventually this routine would include switching over to USA at 10 for Weird Science and Duckman, followed by 30 long minutes wherein I waited for the nightly news to pass so that SNL would finally come on. That's a 5 hour block of TV right there, every Saturday night. I was hooked. 

I did some digging online and found plenty of YouTube based SNICK nostalgia, all of which is after the jump.

Snick Intro
The bumper the preceded each nights block of programming. Love to the Big Orange Couch!

Clarissa Explains It All Credits
Na naaa na na naaaa. This show used to annoy the shit out of my mother, which is mostly remarkable because I can't remember her ever disliking any other TV show ever. I also really distinctly remember having a crush on Sean O'Neal, which may actually predate what I previously thought to be my first crush.... Wesley Crusher (not Wil Wheaton, just Wesley). 

Ren & Stimpy Credits
I have to admit that this show has always weirded me out a little. Though there's a special place in my heart for LOG and Powdered Toast Man... and that one episode where they're in space.

Are You Afraid of the Dark Credits
I very distinctly remember the doll in the opening credits scaring the shit out of me when I was nine. Freaky staring at the camera doll thing! 

Commercials Aired During SNICK in 1993
Of all the things I found this is hands down my favorite. I remember most of these commercials verbatim. Feel free to ignore the random clip of the dudes around the 3 minute mark. 

Sadly there were no embeddable Roundhouse credits available online.... but Retrojunk has a the theme and you can get to HERE.

I mean.... you've got to have log.

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chip said...

Love the classic commercials! "i'm your worst nightmare, an 8 year old with a badge!"