Thursday, October 09, 2008

One of You Will Be Out... No Seriously This TIme

It's time for the designers to have their time off to create their collections and just looking at the four left all I can think is if Siriano were alive today he'd be spinning in his grave. Usually the first part of the finale is a little slow but the upside is that we get to learn more about the designers and their families.

Like we learn than Korto is a refugee of the Liberian civil war. (Spellcheck first corrected that to librarian civil war, which will be my favorite war when it finally happens.) Her collection looks interesting and prompts Tim to say "snatch shot" which I rewound about five times on TiVo and ultimately turned on closed captioning to make sure he hadn't said snap shot. So, kudos Korto.

Then we learn that Leanne's collection looks fantastic, her boyfriend is just as dorky as she is, and she was raised by trees. I felt so bad for her that she didn't even have some friends to introduce Tim too, but I'm very grateful that she got him to wear a helmet and get on a bicycle built for two. Does she just have that laying around for company? Or do she and her boyfriend use it every Saturday to go shopping at the food co-op. Oh you know they look like the type.

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Jerell from the mirror universe (no one else was thrown by the goatee?) shows Tim his fugly collection, introduces him to his obviously loving family and cries because his Dad drove trucks or something. Most importantly... Jerell is wearing a polo shit. It has a fun print on it, but it's totally tasteful. It really is alternate universe Jerell.

Kenley lives in Brooklyn. Is anyone surprised? Bueller? Sadly her collection looks good. Which means I was kidding when I was taking notes on this episode and wrote "I just can’t even deal with these collections. If Kenley’s is good I’m going to have to sit on a knife"

Back at the “ studio," it's time for the one-more-challenge challenge, with the designers instructed to make a bridesmaid dress to go along with the wedding dress they were already forced to shoehorn into their collection. I'm pretty sure that if I sat down and made a list of all the ways the designers could show off their skills "make a bridesmaid dress" would come just before "mold a cocktail dress out of cat litter."

The designers make the dresses. Korto warns us that "somebody's dream is going to be ruined." Leanne and Kenley's are clearly good while the others are clearly eyesores. Jerell also manages to wear a clip-on tie on a chain as a necklace. It's somehow worse than it sounds. I would classify it as a crime against humanity, so I decide to root for him to go home and he does.

Also, Kenley's whole I'm-trying-to-be-nice-now-my-dead-grandmother-inspires-me arc combined with her solid looking collections means she might win. Really Project Runway? Are you going to do that to us? 

Next Week: The producers pretend that six contestants aren't showing at Bryant Park.


David Dust said...

I completely forgot about JerHell's clip-on tie neclace. Unforgivable ...

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Rebecca said...

yep. tim gunn said snatch. yikes.