Thursday, October 09, 2008

ET: Excellent Taste? In clothes!

I'm watching the classic film, "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" right now. My fave scene is when little Drew Barrymore plays dress up with E.T., so I was trying to find a picture of it to make me laugh. Though I was successful, I found an even greater picture on the web, which inspired me to post about my favorite clothed E.T. moments. Pics of my fave moments after the jump!

This is my favorite scene in E.T. by far. Sure I cry when he says "I'll be right here," but it's because I fell in love with him wearing this adorable dress. Also, searching for this image led to the next picture, which led to this post.
I saw this poster and had to blog about it, so that's why you're reading this convoluted post. Totally worth it. BTW, do you think E.T. became a Bartender when he went home?

Who doesn't love an Alien wrapped in a blanket?

I don't really remember E.T. Wearing this hoodie, but cute, no?

Honorable mention: (meaning I couldn't find pics) E.T. wearing flannel shirt while drinking Coors, and E.T. in Ghost costume. It's a slow news day.

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