Sunday, October 12, 2008

Space Olympics

Since there was an SNL repeat last night I decided to post a clip from earlier in the season that we weren't around to blog about, the strangest Digital Short ever. Our friend Rebecca's feelings about the following clip can best be summed up in a facebook wall post she left for Laura, "the more i watch space olympics, the more i love it...there is something wrong with me."

She also left this on Laura's wall: "Welcome to the Space Olympics...the athletes village is on Zargon, you all get a Junior Suite. We don't cover incidentals, so keep your ass out the minibar!"

And this on mine "You're a winner!" 

And she txt messaged me "I know my sins will take me to hell!" 

Ultimately her obsession bled into our collective subconscious and Laura txted me: "space swords, is totally cancelled."

My favorite part is easily the 70s era Battlestar Galatcia floating out in space. Yep.

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