Thursday, October 02, 2008

Remember When This Show Was About Fashion?

Alright, I think we can all agree that Kenley sucks and yes, everybody cried. Sure it'd be fun to post everything mean said about Kenley this week, but really it all boils down to "My Dad was a tugboat captain and I can be as loud and obnoxious as I want" followed by a hearty "You suck!" 

If I want to watch self involved people talk shit about one another and cry, I can watch The Real World. Going over my notes from last night's episode I found that I wrote "what if everyone cries because Kenley isn't eliminated" and I guess I was kind of right, but there are larger problems here.

Gloom, doom, crying, and fugly dresses after the jump. 

For starters this dress won! I mean.... wahhh?!? It doesn't even have a top. Where are her nipples? We're down to the final four contestants who were given two days to make a gown that had to be "inspired by a flower," hands down one of the easiest most open-ended challenges in the series history and THIS is the best of the best. Is Jerell not aware that women have boobs? 

And then there's Kenly's freaky snake dress or as Jerell so accurately put it "Kenley the dragon slayer's tube dress of scales." THIS wasn't enough to warrant an elimination? I can kind of understand because Korto's dress was a shitty shame as well. But I get the distinct impression that the producers want Kenley around so that there's enough drama to distract from the fact that this is the least talented group of finalists ever. It's barely a step above what it would look like if you took the cast of The Amazing Race and told them to make dresses. 

As much as I was looking forward to the shit storm that is everyone crying from last weeks preview, I have to say the best part about this episode was the scathing remarks from the judges. From Nina's "this whole thing is kind of creepy" (at least she wasn't bored) to Michael's "I wrote cliche." At least the judges recognize how sad this whole season has become. While I wish Kenley was elminated and I can understand that someone had to win, even if all the dresses were sinfully ugly. Why are Jerell and Leanne not safe next week? 

One final complaint... can the producers just drop the whole "only three of you go to Bryant Park" schtick. At this point we always know there will be some twist and anyone who reads anything about the show online is aware that four designers have always shown. This year the final six contestants got to show at Bryant Park!!! So it's not like whoever is eliminated next isn't going to get to have a show. 

Next Up on Project Runway: Korto's making vagina dresses?!?

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David Dust said...

This really was a sad season. This challenge, in particular, should have blown the judges away.

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