Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pop Culture Tourettes: Tommy Boy

Earlier this week I told you about the Phenomenon of Pop Culture Tourettes. I explored this phenomenon with the help of Billy Madison because I was surprised (and a little ashamed) at how often I quoted that movie. Today I’m going to use Tommy Boy, a movie I proudly quote all the time. I first saw Tommy Boy while attending Furman Tennis camp with my cousin Libby, and I think I’ve seen it about 100 times since that fateful night 13 years ago. Wow, Tommy Boy is 13 years old? Crazy. This is a movie that my entire family quotes quite often; my brother believes he is entitled to $40.00 from the government every time he quotes this movie because it makes people happy.

Tommy Boy
“It doesn’t hurt here so much, or here, but right here”
I say this if someone is talking about a pain or bruise they have, and can’t pinpoint the position. You would be surprised how often this happens.

"Hmm he seems like a nice guy"
My sister Annie started saying this a lot this summer, so I started saying it a lot. Sometimes randomly, and sometimes if we are discussing someone that seems nice.

"It’s gotta be your bull"
Annie and I use this one if someone screws up what they are saying, or jumbles their words. It makes them feel stupid, and it makes us laugh.

"Richardd whats happening!?!"
Hmm, I say this if I’m unsure of the situation I’m in… It really confuses people, because I’m rarely around people named Richard.

"Did I catch a niner in there?"
I say this to people if they trail off.

"God I love that"
I say this in the Dan Akroydesque Chicago accent when I see something I like.

"Shut up Richard."
If someone corrects me or makes me feel stupid—again, it’s confusing because of the Richard thing.

"You could put six packs of be…soda in there"
Annie and I use this one a lot, I just can’t think of how.

More Quotes after the jump!

"House Keeping"
I usually say this when I knock on people’s doors

"Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug!"
Clearly this is used when I hug people after they just try to shake hands...

"Hey, Prehistoric Forest!"
If I, or someone around me notices or makes a delayed comment about something in plain sight (you’d have to be familiar with the movie to understand why it’s a hilarious quote)…

"Heh heh, are you sure?"
Whenever I’m being sarcastic to someone about something that’s pretty darn obvious.

“I don't think so”
Whenever I say “I don’t think so,” I say it like the flight attendant from this movie.

"Try an association like, uhhh... Let's say the average person uses ten percent of their brain. How much do you use? One and a half percent. The rest is clogged with malted hops and bong resin."
Sounds funny, but whenever someone actually says 10%, or 1 ½% , I just say this. It rarely has any meaning.

"Oh yeah, I buy brake pads off him. I thought we were watching cartoons."
This is actually the quote Denny used when he mentioned the $40.00 thing. I can’t remember how it came up, but it was funny, so I figured I should mention it.

"We’ve still got that meatlover’s pizza in the trunk"
Whenever someone brings up a positive point in a crappy situation.

"Aww, I’ve interrupted Happy Time"
Just something random that I say…

"That was from Star Wars."
If someone/I reference something that no one gets. The great thing is that the reference doesn’t have to be Star Wars, it can be anything. If people don’t realize that I’m quoting Tommy Boy when saying “That was from Star Wars” they think that whatever was just quoted/referenced before that was in fact from Star Wars. Was that clear? Probably not. Sorry.

"Screw you! Screw all of you!"
Whenever I’m exclaiming Anger at someone, or a group of people.

"Now let's see what happens when you're driving with the "other guy's" brake pads”
"And the medic gets out and says, "Oh my God"."
"All because you want to save a couple extra pennies."
Those quotes are from the same little monologue. When I was little my family’s computer had a lot of random movie quotes/monologues downloaded, (keep in mind this was 10 years prior to YouTube), and we used to listen to/ memorize these quotes, this was one of them, so I just recite it sometimes, but those are the 3 I use most often.

"Do you validate?
Whenever I need my parking validated. Or I say it to Annie sometimes to make her laugh.

"That's when the whores come in."
Whenever my family’s brakepad company is about to go under, bringing the whole town under—because that’s when the whores come in.

There are soo many more, but I thought I’d bore/weird out you, my loyal readers, if I went on too long.

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