Monday, October 13, 2008

Confusion indeed

Earlier today this video was sent to me, so I sent it to David, and this is the convo we had whilst watching it:

Genesis - Land of Confusion

Our Conversation after the jump!

D: Holy crap
D: This is a disturbing video
L: yeah
D: and is totally blog worthy
D: I mean... why?
L: its uber political
D: Was this tied in to Labyrinth 2?
L: hahaha
D: Why is that monkey with Nancy Reagan?
L: phil collins is super a scary muppet
L: i guess b/c michael jackson had a monkey in the 80s
L: i don't know
D: I'm glad Super Reagan is going to fight that triceratops.
D: Oh shit now they're watching TV
L: hahaha
D: it just keeps getting better
L: the end is amazingly weird
D: Oh good now the Reagans are in 2001
L: haha
D: Did he just put mustard on his puppet tongue?
D: Oh christ. He's eating his tongue
D: Cowboy Reagan on the triceratops!
L: cowboy reagan is the best
D: Puppet MJ scares me
L: yeah
D: puppet madge scares me
D: I feel like this is the antidote to every 80s nostalgia show
L: hahahaha
L: it so is
D: What?! Why did he blow up everything?
D: Bad Reagan!
L: badddd
L: he wanted the nurse
D: You should really just take our conversation
and pair it with the video and make that a post
D: Because I can't even begin to put that into coherent sentences
D: Heh
L: hahaha
D: Also we'll have a fun Reagan theme going
L: haha
L: can it be 80s day
L: damn
L: marky mark was early 90s
D: Sadly yes

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Kiki DeVille said...

This video used to scare me as a child. Little did I know I know, I'd be dancing in a club to a quasi-cover by Alkazar years over a decade later....