Saturday, October 11, 2008

Britney Spears - Womanizer (The Video)

The video for Britney's new single Womanizer debuted on 20/20 last night. I don't know if that means Brit's fans have officially entered geezerhood or if 20/20's seriously revamping their image, but it definitely means MTV officially has nothing to do with music now. It was only two weeks ago that I was mocking this song and now I shamefully love it, but I love the video even more. It features Britney naked in a sauna, then having a morning after breakfast with some dude, who she decides is a womanizer, which prompts her to dress up in a bunch of different disguises and torture the fuck out him by showing up everywhere and harassing him with backup dancers. Also, she threatens to kill him in a car crash, at one point driving with her toes. Oh yeah, it's amazing.

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variable said...

I guess I'm confused. I do this to all my tricks to play on their smart phones instead of eating the breakfast I cook for them.

Doesn't everyone?