Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I'm Obsessed With: Dan Hopper

Ok, so Dan isn’t so much a “Thing” I’m obsessed with, he’s more like a person/blogger I’m obsessed with, but I’m sticking with our blog’s theme…

Dan Hopper writes for bestweekever.tv, the companion blog for the television show of the same name. With the exception of one or two posts in his entire career, I’ve enjoyed them all and I always LOL at some point while reading. I usually send David a link to whichever post I’m currently reading, and he usually says, “oh, I was wondering when you’d send me that.”

So yeah, Dan H. and I are kindred spirits, and if I still lived in NYC I think I’d probably stalk him. I’d do it subtly though, and be all like OMG you’re Dan Hopper, and he’d be all flattered for being recognized, then we’d get married and live happily ever after. Some links to my favorite Dan Posts so you can read him in all of his glory are after the jump:

Playing Cards

Substitute the Word “Gamecock” with “Pirate” and “Tiger” with “Met” and you’ll understand why I like this one
Rapper Names
Jehovah’s witnesses
Tekken Pixar ending
Moving offices
America, Not so racist
Pasta N’ More
American Pie 90s
Dark Knight Fight

And that’s as far back as I can go for one day, but since I know this will get about as many readers as David’s Glory of Love post I don’t think it’ll even matter.


chip said...

David should love him to for his recent post of "5 David Blaine Stunts Lamer than 'Dive of Death'"

Stephanie said...

Jehovah Witnesses knocked on my apt. door last night. I didn't answer because they kinda freak me out. Had I known there was such amazing literature available, however, I might have risked the freak out.