Monday, September 29, 2008

SNL Season 32: Best Ever? Oh MY SHIA!

As David has mentioned on our blog before, Season 32 of SNL is definitely one of our favorites. It’s possible that we like it because it reminds us of Sunday mornings in Harlem, when we would lounge about the apartment watching the previous night’s SNL while most of our neighbors were at Church. Or it could be because it kind of returned to the off the wall, random humor we loved in the early 90s. I think it’s a little bit of column A, and a little bit of column B. I could write about this season all day, but I think David and I are gonna try to have a series on season 32, so keep your eyes peeled!

This particular post is about a Sketch from the Shia LeBeouf episode. I distinctly recall asking David, “Who the ef is Shia LeBeouf?” His answer of, “he was the dude in Holes and Even Stevens,” was not satisfactory, so I watched this episode ignorant of the LeBeouf’s awesomeness. He quickly won me over with his hosting abilities, and frankly, I might have to have a short series of posts on his SNL greatness. I digress. ANYWAY, the particular sketch I’d like to share with you is from the end of the show, and I’m sure it just barely made the cut. After the jump, I bring you “Shia and Maya

I happen to really like Maya Rudolph, so perhaps that’s why I enjoy this sketch so much. Her performance as a woman desperate for little Shia’s attention just makes me laugh (out loud?) and there are so many great, quotable lines in the sketch, including, but not limited to, “Oh My Shia.” Which I actually say quite a lot, (I get some strange looks if I say it to anyone but David).


David Burch said...

"I've had that joke for two weeks now. And NAILED IT!"

Gwood said...

you guys are awesome.