Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A conversation that spurred at least one of David’s current Wikipedia searches

From G-Chat
David: Why does Tyler Perry get to keep making movies?
me: i just don't know
David: Madea Goes to Jail opens in February
David: Followed by Madea Scared Stupid
: good god

David: Wow there were so many more Ernest movies than I realized
me: haha
me: yeah
me: they really went far with that one
David: Rides Again, Goes to School, Slam Dunk Ernest, Goes to Africa, in the Army
me: i think i saw ernest saves christmas
: I saw the first few... Goes to Camp, Saves Christmas, Goes to Jail, and Scared Stupid
David: They were apparently filming Ernest the Pirate when Jim Varney died.
me: i think the funniest joke in christmas was his version of "oh christmas tree"
me: thats sad
David: Indeed
David: That was in 2000. That whole thing just kept going and I was completely unaware
me: hahahaha
me: were they theatrical releases?
David: Not sure. I know they were through Scared Stupid.
: Though here's a fun fact from the Ernest Goes to Jail wikipedia page:
David: The favorite film of jazz guitarist Kevin Eubanks
David: ?!?
me: hahaha
me: thats hilar
David: Ernest Rides Again was the last theatrical release
David: in 1993
me: wow
David: The internet is spectacular
me: yes it is

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Rebecca said...

does it surprise you that the guys who's forced to chuckle every night at jay leno's lame ass also cites "ernest goes to jail" as his favorite movie?