Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things I'm Obsessed With: Liz Lemon

It's difficult to express all my love for my TV alter ego, Elizabeth Conworthy (not her middle name) Lemon, and to write about anything having to do with 30 Rock without writing everything about 30 Rock. But if I were a female 30-something television producer, I would definitely want to be her or Jane Epsenson, but probably Liz. The producer of the fictional TGS with Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock has added so much to my every day vocabulary:

"Blerg." - Yes, Lemon, blerg!

"Dag!" - As in, "Dag, who does that?!?"

"Shut it down!"

"It is ill."

All the reasons I love Liz and video tributes, after the jump.

She has an unaccredited degree in Theater Tech.
She goes up on her roof all the time!
She doesn’t want to get drunk because there’s too many phones in here.
She eats El Sabor de Soledad cheese puffs from the Spanish deli in her neighborhood.
She has a laundry and newspaper pile.
If she was a Sex and the City character, she would be the lady at home who watches it.
She thinks gay dudes should be able to adopt kids and we should all drive hybrid cars but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love America
She's going to tell all her friends she's voting for Barack Obama, but really she's voting for John McCain. (Mostly that one's amazing because it's from an episode from January 2007.)

The 30 Rock season premiere is October 30 and it can't come soon enough. So here's some of Liz in her own words.

Liz on Business

Liz on Frankfurt

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Liz on Lots of Things - A 90 second Quote Compilation

Jack on Liz

Liz on Food - A Fan Made Music Video
This is set to that song from the Josie and the Pussycats Movie which only makes it more awesome. Did anyone else forget that movie had Rosario Dawson, Alan Cumming, and Parker Posey in it? Also, what happened to Rachel Leigh Cook?

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