Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How I Fell In Love With YouTube (or Instantaneous Nostalgia)

Every once in a while I find myself wondering, how did man survive before the internet? I mean how could one possibly live without being able to instantaneously access the music video for Weird Al's "White and Nerdy," the 40th most watched video on YouTube. Seriously, 40th. Of. All. Time. Suck on that Chris Crocker.

So I decided in the spirit of user control and instantaneous nostalgia that YouTube embodies, (remember last Thursday? *sigh* That was the day), to list the videos from the whole 3 years of YouTube's existence that have made me fall in love with Me, or Us, or You.... Tube. 

In no discernible order: 

The "I Like Turtles" Kid
Who doesn't like turtles? Also, this would be an AMAZING Halloween costume. 

The rest of my picks, after the jump.

Flea Market Montgomery 
"It's just like... it's just like... a mini-mall. Oh yeah!" I do a mean couch dance to this song. 

Planet Unicorn - episode 2
Is this series of cartoons the story of my life? Probably not, but I'd love a planet full of unicorns. "It's okay to express your emotions. I'm a bird... goodbye!" Also, that creepy baby laugh is deeply disturbing. 

Insane News Man
God this cracks me up every single time, also it's a testament to the power of proper punctuation.

Animal Identifaction FAIL
Seriously, Look... at that... horse

The Pot Brownie 911 Call
Newscasters should always get to have so much fun. Also, "I think we're dead." 

Robin Sparkles - Let's Go to the Mall
I am, in fact, going to rock your body like it'd Canada Day

What What (In the Butt) 
Sometimes words just fail me... though Butters' performance of this on South Park is one of the greatest events of the 21st Century. 

Dramatic Chipmunk 
Sure he may actually be a prairie dog, but there's no denying that this chipmunk is a drama queen of the highest order. 

Appalachian State University is HOT HOT HOT
Van de Graff generators are always HOT HOT HOT, as are random black dudes playing keyboard solos. That's diversity right there.

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