Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David and Laura on Vengeance Demons

The initial "Mission Statement," if you will, for this blog was to put forth an idea of what it was like to hang out with Laura and David. In that spirit, and much against my co-blogger's wishes (I'm sure), I'm going to start posting excerpts from some of our nerdier and more amusing conversations with more frequency--cause, come on, who wouldn't want to read more gems like this classic?

With that said, here's the conversation that inspired my revamped desire to post these things:

L: “Selfless” Anya’s make-up is much scarier than Anya’s make-up in “The Wish”
D: Really?
D: I tend to think the other way around
D: But maybe because you only see her for a second in “The Wish”
L: Haha
L: yeah
L: It just seems much more severe to me in “Selfless”
D: This is a conversation no one should ever have
L: I know
L: and I think we should post it
D: No
L: please?
D: No
L: awwwww
D: That's a dealbreaker, lady
L: Hahahah
L: Maybe I should start a Tumblr of David and Laura convos that you never find out about
D: I mean you could, but it would only compete with the website we already have
L: Hahaha
D: There's really not that large a market for fans of us
D: Pretty much just people who know us, like gay marriage and the Muppets, or hate Danny Gokey

Sorry David.

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Kristin said...

If this were on tumblr I would 'heart' it.