Thursday, May 21, 2009

David and Laura on Special K and Television pitches

D: So remember how I was allergic to Special K with berries?
D: I had a weird reaction to Regular Special K today
L: weird
D: I know
L: the newest trailer for "Land of the Lost" makes me actually want to see it
D: I've actually heard good things
L: I do love some Danny McBride
D: And I love Sleestaks
D: I wish we could get a return to the fantasy/sci-fi sitcoms of the 60s and 70s
L: Dammit man I'm a Doctor, not a time traveler!
D: I'd love a single-camera office like show but with a genie or a witch
D: and the same style of mundane humor
L: hahaha
D: That's actually a great pitch
D: Or my Special K reaction is crippling my brain
L: hahaha
D: or both

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