Monday, May 11, 2009

A night in the life of Amy J. in NYC...

My dear friend Amy is subject to very odd things happening to her, which is great for her friends, because she's a great writer, and at least once a month we get crazy emails telling us these stories. My favorite is when a Cabbie threw a Poland Spring bottle full of urine at her head for not getting out of the cab quickly enough.

We got one such email today, and I feel the need to share it with you, my readers, b/c it's awesome.

Omg. Last night I got in a cab to go home and I got the craziest cab driver on the planet. This man tried to make me write a story about him and he forceabley handed me multiple religious tracts and a DVD about himself (he claims one of them is gonna be at Sundance) and he calls himself "Rolling for Jesus" (see attached photo)...he did not stop preaching to me (or talking about himself and all that he does to help others) - he also gives all of his passengers toy to play with in the back (sketch) and pizza and or garlic knots (which he offered to me like 3x) (also sketch) --- and he had 200 bagels in his trunk. FACT. He tried to give me a dozen, but I just wanted to get out of the car b/c even though I am sure he is trying to do a nice thing and help less fortunate people, it was all very bizzaro. Apparently he owns 2 cabs and has a huge house already paid for in Williamsburg, so he just does this for fun...and if you can't pay him in full it's ok to give him whatever you have.

DUDE. This guy is so bogus.

HOW/WHY do these things happen to me????

For further info on said cab driver, click here.

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