Sunday, May 10, 2009

In honor of Mother's day, an email from Mom

So last night I received this email from my mother, subject: "Star Trek."

Hope you're doing something fun tonight, but if you're home there is something about Star Trek on the History Channel. It's about Christie's Auction House getting ready for an auction of Star Trek stuff. They looked at episodes and matched up the costumes and props etc. You would like it! MOM

I'm glad my mother has accepted me as the nerd that I am. Also, the Star Trek movie was incredible. Live long and prosper.


Libby said...

Laura, why do Sally and Betsy always sign any sort of written communication in capital letters? Text message, email, BBM...whatever, always "Love, MOM" Do you think this is something LaLa did? Maybe we should go back and read some of those camp letters...

Caroline W said...

no, my mother does it too. it must be a degenerative disease.