Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winnnn in the endd!

I was reading on my cool new phone, and came across this little passage in the Bill Simmons "Sports Guy" column. . Of course I had to mention it in Pop Cultured because it references and praises one of my favorite movies of all time, Teen Wolf.

Q: If you could have the best seats in the house for any sporting event of the past century, which would you choose?

SG: The only answer can be "USA 4, USSR 3." A tougher question: Which sports-movie event would you choose? I'd pick the game in which Michael J. Fox first turns into Teen Wolf. Name me a more stunning sports-movie moment. Fans in the stands are frozen for, like, 45 seconds. You're not topping the experience of being in a sparsely attended high school hoops game in which one of the players turns into a monster, then dunks on everybody. I'm sorry.

You have to agree though, being in the gymnasium with Boof, Styles, and Mr. Howard watching the Beavers that day would have been frackin’ awesome. Maybe a little something like the video I've provided after the jump. If you were wondering, the title of this post is derived from the song that plays during said basketball game, and can be seen here.

Teen Wolf - watch more funny videos

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