Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Favorite Inauguration Day Facebook Statuses/Tweets!

Here are some Facebook/Twitter statuses that reinforced what I already knew about my friends' political views ;).

John Doe, Cheney looks like Mr. Potter from it's a wonderful life.

Jane Doe, [Cheney] totally looks like the Penguin in Batman Returns!

John Doe, Holy crap, he's really in a wheelchair like some kind of evil mad scientist!

John Doe is a little dissapointed in Michelle's choice

John Doe is so pumped about today! Maybe it's the large amounts of Mate Vana tea- or maybe
the new president.

Jane Doe, Thank you President George W. Bush! Gonna miss you.

Jane Doe Is soooooooo excited about the inaguration! Democrat or republican...This is
sooooooooo awesome.

Jane Doe is loving that Obama will use the Torah for his oath.

Jane Doe is Obama!

More Statuses (or is it statai?)/Tweets after the jump!

John Doe, our country is doomed!!!!

John Doe feels like he is living in an idyllic Norman Rockwell painting: it is snowing outside and Barack Obama is moments from being inaugurated...

Jane Doe, Hillary's having a bad hair day.

John Doe is trying really hard to concentrate at work but can't stop watching CNN.

John Doe wishes Bush would get chased out of town, dodging shoes left and right thrown at him
by an angry mob.

John Doe is glad that we don't need the National Guard to integrate the Executive Branch!

John Doe, Slumdog Millionaire... worst... movie...ever...

Jane Doe is watching history!!!

Jane Doe, Michelle is calm, cool, and looking hot!

John Doe cannot believe Obama is president. Today didn't come soon enough.

Jane Doe Christ, they look like they're all walking out of a gulag. Couldn't they light that hallway
a little better?

John Doe, Al Gore is riding his jet pack to the inauguration.

John Doe wants to know what was in the box the Obamas gave the Bushes.

Jane Doe, no more white lies. My president is black.

Jane Doe caught snowflakes on her tongue while wearing a bedazzled Obama hat.

John Doe can't believe the long national nightmare is over. Someone pinch me?

John Doe says, good luck President Obama. I hope you're as good as everyone thinks you are.

John Doe is curious to know whether Cheney was in a wheelchair because the "devil" left his body.

Jane Doe is the next 4 years are going to be interesting...

Jane Doe is packing her bags and heading to the islands for the next four years...

Jane Doe may not agree w Obama but unlike others over the past 8 yrs, I respect the office of the President. Giving Obama the chance Bush never got.

Jane Doe is tired of the Odrama.

John Doe, I feel like something big happened today. i can't quite put my finger on what it is though.

John Doe is thinking they should have tossed Bush on his ass, just like they did Jazz on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Jane Doe...did something happen today in DC? I'm lost.

John Doe is so inspired that a lawyer that went to Harvard can become the president of the United States.

Jane Doe, Who is the bitch who sang that note longer than Aretha??? Heads will roll.

John Doe, this moment=the beginning of Dan Quayle's huge, unexpected comeback. 8 BALL HAS SPOKEN

Jane Doe, Street vendors everywhere. Get your obama earrings. Inaugurate your ears!

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Rebecca said...

Jon Stewart said that George HW Bush looked like the world's foppiest Vikings fan.