Monday, January 05, 2009

The Curious Case of Frog riding Turtle.

So this has nothing to do with pop culture really, but I saw this ornament and it posed so many questions. First off, notice that the frog is riding a turtle. Why? Though the frog is encumbered with his gift, one would still assume that the frog could move faster than the turtle. Second, why has a frog domesticated a turtle for riding purposes? Why a turtle? Why not a lizard? and how did the frog domesticate the turtle? I realize the frog has been "humanized" because he is wearing a Santa hat, has a gift, and put a nice little bow on his pet turtle...but still, how does one train a turtle? and finally, where are these two mysterious reptilphibians going? Any thoughts?

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Matthew K. said...

Hey there- I'm a first time visitor and I like the huge variety of topics. I put you on my list. I'm into superhero comics and movies, all TV. check ya later.
PS- nothing to add about the frog. you said it all.