Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lessons from LaLa :)

Today is an historical and joyous day in US history, as one of America’s least favorite leader’s is leaving office and a new, promising administration enters. But January 20th will always be kind of a sad day for me, because my grandmother, Lala, passed away exactly one year ago today. I’m not writing this to get “so sorry…” blah blah blah (if I wanted that, I’d post it on twitter or facebook), but I just think Lala deserves a little pop culture related note on the blog.

Like every other adult in my life, Lala exposed my siblings and me to many classic films when we were little. One instance of this included Bambi. My mother hated Bambi for obvious reasons, and forbade us from watching it. One day, when my Grandmother asked my sister if she wanted to watch Bambi, she was surprised to hear that we weren’t allowed, and asked what movies our mother did let us see…my sister’s answer was Terminator 2. Yeah, weird family…

Anyway, I learned a great deal from her, most importantly, that smoking will age you faster than drinking from the wrong grail in an Indiana Jones film. Another lesson Lala taught me came before I went to college: never drink anything purple at a fraternity party. Well, I technically followed this rule, but those sneaky Kappa Alpha’s changed their recipe, and made that dangerous drink she was warning me about red… I unfortunately partook in this beverage several times, and in hindsight, Lala was very right to warn me--but that's a story for another day... :)

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