Friday, January 30, 2009

Things I found in my Purse:

I’m going out of town this weekend, so I decided to clean out the 10 pound monstrosity that is my purse. While pulling things out, I thought it would make kind of an amusing blog post, so here goes.

Things I found in my purse:
Camera case- no camera ☹
Blackberry Storm
Sunglasses case, no sunglasses
Car keys
Jump drive
$1.47 in spare change
(OK, so far so good…nothing too strange…)

One SC vs. Vandy basketball ticket
2 six inch strips of 16mm film leader
2 empty packs of Stride Gum
one blank sheet of white paper, folded
3 one dollar bills
6, yes SIX different lip glosses
3 Pens
too many receipts to count
one ticket to REPO: The Genetic Opera
a few packs of propel fitness water mix… ???
Lots of gum wrappers
A baby sock full of pennies
A ticket stub for Brokeback Mountain (seriously)
A valet card
A ticket stub for Milk
A Jack Daniels drink stirrer from the New Pornographers show
Eye drops
3 packs of Splenda

Andddd now my purse is MUCH lighter.