Thursday, July 16, 2009

No More "No Boundaries"

American Idol Season 8 winner's coronation song, "No Boundaries" has been removed from the Idols Live tour after only three shows due to "poor audience response." During my Idol Finale recap I referred to "No Boundaries" as "the worst song in the history of music" and a "Musical Holocaust." So my heartfelt thanks goes out to the audiences in Portland, Tacoma, and Vancouver. You really took a bullet for the rest of humanity.

Below is footage of Kris' performance in which he proves that while he can "weather the hurricanes" a good chunk of the audience is going to use this song as an opportunity to hit the restroom. Seriously. You can see one of the exits directly in front of him in the video.

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Laura Major said...

why would you post this song on our blog--we're gonna get negative readership now ;)