Tuesday, July 21, 2009

David and Laura on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

This conversation will serve as Pop Cultured's official Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince film review. Spoiler Alert.

D: Dude. The ending of Half-Blood Prince bummed me out
L: yeah
D: And the more I think about it the more I feel like they structured the entire movie wrong
L: I agree
D: The emphasis was put on all the wrong things
L: I couldn't understand what they were thinking
L: Annie never read the book and said she had no idea what was going on
D: Instead of being a history of Voldemort and Snape & a mystery about Horcruxes.... it was a teen boarding school romantic comedy with a weird subplot about a blonde dude oddly obsessed with a cabinet
L: yah

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L: and what the hell was the burrow scene?
D: ?!?
D: I don't know
L: I was like, dude…
D: Also... why keep explaining that Draco is sending stuff through the cabinet?
D: That seemed so unnecessary around the 8th time it happened
L: yes, it did
D: sigh
D: The more I think about it the less I like it
L: the scene with the magic of them putting things back in order at the Muggle’s house reminded me of Sorcerer's Stone
L: and I was like, whyyyyyyy
L: that 40 seconds could have gone to maybe elaborating on the fact that Snape was the half blood prince
D: I enjoy Slughorn... but there was way too much setup for so little payoff
L: yeah
D: Especially since the Horcruxes and the whole Half-Blood Prince thing were basically ignored as real mysteries
L: I know, what the hell
D: They didn't even cover that Snape was into Lily
D:That's SO important
L: was that in HBP?
L: I thought that was deathly hallows
D: Yeah. There are memories that Dumbledore shows Harry then
L: ah
D: When Harry is suspicious that Snape is helping Malfoy
D: Because in the book they don't show us what Malfoy is doing until the people come through
D: We never see the vanishing cabinet in Hogwarts
L: but even Snape explaining that Harry needs to close his mind in their final battle is so important
L: not just "I’m the half blood prince"
D: Amy was really pissed when we were driving home
D: Heh
L: hahaha
L: and on top of all that, it was just kind of boring
L: the battle and Dumbledore’s funeral might have at least put something interesting in there
D: The burrow scene, the weird Malfoy scenes, the Lavender stuff, the subway scene
D: There are so many things that could be trimmed or cut completely
L: yessss
D: I'm glad we're in agreement
L: I mean, how could they manage to not make ME cry when Dumbledore died
D: I ALWAYS cry at that part in the book
L: I can't believe there hasn't been more of a fan backlash actually
D: Leland was really angry about it?
L: hahaha
L: shocking
D: Harry not being frozen killed me
L: yeah, I mean, come on
L: knowing Harry, he totally wouldn’t just obey
D: I love how the Burrow scene is basically the story of how Harry, through recklessness, burns down the Weasley's home
D: and then there's no repercussions
D: for that or Malfoy getting gutted
L: I know
L: they didn’t even care about the burrow
L: I knew Amy would be pissed when you said she was a literalist
D: She was amazed that she didn't cry at Dumbledore’s death either
L: I mean, I cried when Sirius died, so I know it’s not the lack of surprise
D: That's EXACTLY what she said
L: haha
L: I'm glad you got to use "that’s what she said" legitimately
D: Me too
D: Made my day right there.
L: hahahaha


A Nav said...

LAURA I completely agree with you! Why aren't more fans pissed off. I think I must have skipped entire chapters from the book.... Why did the Burrow have to burn?

Laura Major said...

I just don't know Ashley, I just don't know