Monday, April 27, 2009

Serial Killers & Barry Manilow

So after referencing the "pussy willows" scene from Serial Mom, whilst talking to Laura about Kathleen Turner online, I decided to see what clips I could find online... and oh what I found. The Serial Mom - Daybreak murder montage, combining three great loves of mine, serial killers, Kathleen Turner and Barry Manilow.

This movie, and I would imagine this goes for Laura as well, is one of the several dozen that seemed to come on HBO endlessly when I was a kid. Other examples of this phenomenon include Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Groundhog Day, Troll 2, Batman & Robin, and that one zombie movie where the girl sticks safety pins in her skin. An aside on top of an aside: Laura just called me, even though we were previously chatting online, to inform me that the Family Matters/Full House crossover episode was on ABC Family. Wow. So, the point of all this yammering is that I know Serial Mom and a bunch of other trash movies by heart. Thanks cable and social anxiety disorder!

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