Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fooled by Arctic Fowl yet again.

Though I am VERY cool, and did remain in school for 2, and going on 3 graduation days, I still don't have, nor have ever had the "good job" that the penguins promised me. Effing rapping penguins screwed me over again.

P.S. staying in school, and striving for mediocrity in the grades department is the reason for the slacking on the blog. I can't speak for David though, I think he just quit. Anyway, I'm GRADUATING with a MASTERS degree in like 2 weeks, so I'll be sure to use that education to entertain, with blog content, the 4 people that still read Pop Cultured.


Woody said...

Proud to be one of the 4 :)

Kenneth said...

Heh, the two of you may be slacking off in the blog dept...but apparently I haven't written one since November at least you're better than me! :)

Also proud to be one of the four.

Kenneth said...
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