Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Miss Moron USA, such as, the Miss California

So this is my reaction to the whole Miss USA/Perez Hilton controversy, and it’s pretty much in response to her MSNBC interview (video above), so if you don’t watch the video, you probably won’t understand this post. I digress.

An Open Letter to Miss California USA:

Dear Miss California USA,

It really takes a lot for me to be on the side of Perez Hilton (mostly because my blog isn’t nearly as popular as his—I kid, I kid), but you, Miss California managed to do just that. I’d really go so far as to say that you DID, in fact give the WORST pageant answer EVER-- taking that crown from Miss Teen USA South Carolina. Being a South Carolinian, I guess I should really thank you.

There are few words or names that offend me like the “c-word,” it’s a horrible term on so many levels. However, from the little I’ve learned about you (from this video and from your pageant answer), you totally embody every negative connotation that that word brings to mind.

You constantly say that you were just “standing up for what you believe in.” It comes off as holier than thou and frankly it’s total BS. Standing by your principles isn’t necessarily a good thing, Hitler stood up for what he believed in, too. And you know what Miss California, you should feel sorry for Perez Hilton, he doesn’t have the same basic rights as you, simply because of his sexual orientation. Also, I’m sure he appreciates you praying for him, though I suspect you are lying.

I love it that minute you say you haven’t really gotten any hate, and received tons of support for standing up for your principles, then next minute you refer to this controversy as “an attack.” Give me a break lady. You decided to “not be politically correct,” and alienate millions of Americans with your hateful answer, deal with it, and do it with a Vaseline toothed smile.

I’m writing this, because, as you say, we’re all entitled to our own opinion, and my opinion of you and your beliefs is about as low as it gets.

All the Best,
Laura Major

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