Thursday, November 06, 2008

Top 5 James Bond Themes

With the release of the ridiculously-named, but awesome-looking Quantum of Solace on Nov 14th getting closer and closer I thought I'd take a look back at some of my favorite James Bond themes. Quantum of Solace's theme by Jack White and Alicia Keys, an odd pair for sure, is "Another Way to Die." If you haven't heard it be sure to click on over and check it out. 

The World is Not Enough - Garbage
I feel like this Bond theme is seriously underrated. Shirley Manson's bizarre, singing, severed robot head makes the video worth a look all on it's own.

More naked ladies, guns, and music after the jump! 

Die Another Day - Madonna
The video for this makes the mistake of referencing Madonna's ridiculous cameo as a fencing instructor but it's a GREAT dance song. "Sigmund Freud.... analyse this... analyse this.... analyse this... this... this... this..." That bit of randomness along with the beat stopping abruptly so that Madonna can grunt make me happy. 

A View to a Kill - Duran Duran
This video is psychotically 80s. "Dance into the fiiiiyah!" I'm a firm believer that you can never go wrong with Duran Duran.

Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney 
You know you did used to say Live and Let Live....

Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey
Goldfinnnnga! I mean it's the classic bond theme. I count my mom's LP of this soundtrack as one of my most prized possesion. 

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