Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Favorite Election night/Nov. 5 facebook statuses:

These are real statuses from some of my 694 facebook friends (yeah, I’m that popular), but names have been changed so they don’t get mad at me. I have as many liberal friends as conservative ones, but the messages from the right are funnier, which is why there are more listed here—most of the Probama messages just say things like “Gobama,” etc…

John Doe, socialism, get the f*ck out of here, John McCain suspsended his f*cking campaign to complete a 700 billion dollar bailout proposed by the bush admin, socialism.

Jane Doe, for all those people who want to leave the country are silly...also where are you going to go? The whole world loves OBAMA!!!

John Doe- is everyone ready for socialism?

John Doe is saying don't blame me, I voted for Mike Ditka.

Jane Doe is moving outta America! ASAP.

John Doe, all right time to put your money where your mouth is Obama.

Jane Doe, democracy, liberty, and unyielding hope ... that's the beauty of America. It's about time we lived up to this. Obama 08.

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John Doe, is Ross Perot 2012!

Jane Doe is available once more for dancing in the streets.

Jane Doe had a historical night. Obama won (!!!!) AND I saw Michael Phelps in the flesh @ Publix. No, seriously.

Jane Doe is loving everyone's statuses ..... and hopes she still has internet access to read them when her plane lands in some remote area of Canada.

Jane Doe wants a recount.

Jane Doe is all "Yes We Did!!!".

Jane Doe is wondering what happened to the American people? Costa Rica here I come!

Jane Doe thinks Levi is off the hook now...

John Doe is looking for jobs in the Caribbean.

Jane Doe, We're screwed.

John Doe, at least there will still be a filibuster.

John Doe feels bad for small business.

Jane Doe don't worry my friends '76 w/ Carter was the reason for Reagan in '80!

Jane Doe Buckle up, America. We're in for QUITE a ride.

John Doe can't wait to share the wealth!!!!

Jane Doe can't wait to stand in line for bread.

I'll be updating this post throughout the day, because I keep seeing great ones...
also, follow girl woodie's example and leave some in the comments!!

John Doe is anticipating Palin's next career move: replacing Hasselbeck on "The View".

Jane Doe feels like the United States of America just won the superbowl.

John Doe is going to colonize northern Antarctica. Penguins and capitalism!

John Doe, hold on to your property people, because one day the government might think they are better suited to manage it than you.

Jane Doe has 46 remaining Gap, Inc. Friends and Family invitations for 30% off at Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, and Piperlime. Email me if you want one!


girl woodie said...

some of my favorites:

jane doe: is crying tears of joy--"What must it feel like??" Vision has met destiny!!! President Barack Obama--a man with an African name...put that on your resume!!!

jane doe: is praying for our country.

jane doe: is watching the cosby show.

I am Laura said...

I don't have favorites because I am a friend of mostly conservatives and their statuses have bothered me greatly as of late: Here are the worst:

Jane doe(seriously this long - she had to make a comment on her own status to finish it):is appalled but not suprised by the stupidity of people. To elect a person who thinks murder is ok, aligns himself with terroists and racists. and will raise gas prices and taxesto give alll of our hard earned money and give it to people that are too lazy to get a job...I just don't get it. We better be prepared for another terroist attack since he plans to pull all the troops out so quickly. If we won't fight them over there, they will be coming here. Hope everyone who voted for him will... be ready. I had thought about leaving the country, but I'm prepared, plus I don't think the americans with common sense will let it get that bad....we'll see..I'm so irritated right now. (spelling errors hers not mine.)

John doe: is so happy that he spent the last 20+ years of his life so that our government can take away a majority of what I earn in a year.

Jane doe: is thankful that at least proposition 8 passed...

Jane doe: thinks when things start getting rough and we see no balance of power and a socialist agenda - remember who you voted for.

John doe: is not ready to live in the United Socialist States of America.

just to show the worst of them. I feel a minority among my friends because my status read that I was ecstatic!

Stephanie said...

Laura we are surrounded by stupid people. I'm just glad my status got a place on your favorites list. That Levi is Luh-kay.