Saturday, November 01, 2008

Things That Exist - Theodore Rex

The other night, during an insomnia prompted channel surfing endeavor, I came across this gem of a film. According to wikipedia New Line dropped out of theatrical distribution on this bad boy after some negative reaction at screenings. Who could've predicted that? It thus became the most costly direct-to-video film ever at the time of it's Blockbuster debut. Without further ado... here's the movie where Whoopi Goldberg solves crimes with her dinosaur partner.

Theodore Rex (1996) 


woodie said...

Cinema Journal said...

I've seen this! I've seen this! And you should too!

Cinema Journal said...

Not surprising, but the writer/director has had no credits since this movie, though he is slated to write some new TV show for 2010. Man, harsh treatment for such a unique mind.