Tuesday, November 11, 2008

British Television is Just Cooler

So earlier today I read about a new TV series that simply BLOWS MY MIND... Dead Set, a horror mini-series that aired on Britain's E4 in October. Combining two of my favorite things ever, reality television and zombies, Dead Set aired over five consecutive nights, chronicling a zombie outbreak that strands housemates and production staff inside the Big Brother house during the taping of a fictional season. It can be viewed on Youtube here:

Dead Set - Episode 1 (Parts One, TwoThree, Four, and Five)

This came on the heels of me reading about a 1992 BBC program, Ghostwatch, which featured prominent broadcaster and journalist, Sir Michael Parkinson. This 90 minute fake docudrama was purported to be about a news team's investigation into a haunted house which goes horribly wrong, resulting in the live possession of the aforementioned journalist. Large segments of the viewing public responded poorly, with children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and one teenager committing suicide. This led to the BBC enacting a decade long ban on the program. The program in it's entirety follows.

Ghost Watch