Sunday, February 01, 2009

Give Michael Phelps a break...come on...

So I'm reading this RIDICULOUS story about Michael Phelps getting caught praising the green Jesus... it's only of interest to me is because it happened in Columbia, and my favorite bar from undergrad, Pavlov's, was mentioned. Also, I remember Jordan Matthews from Sorority Rush...she didn't go ADPi :(.

ANYWAY, I've been reading the comments on this story (always a mistake), and I just can't believe the stupidity and naivete of some of the world's inhabitants. JC, the guy just spent YEARS working harder than anyone could rightly imagine, and became the greatest Olympian of all time, let the boy have some fun.

Also, when you read this story, you can only imagine the guy that leaked this picture...I think his girlfriend may well have been one of the girls "hanging all over" Phelps. What an Ass.