Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best Picture 2008 - The Results Are In!

The Academy Awards are tomorrow night and while you're cleaning up your pad for your big Oscar Party, printing out ballots, brewing up a batch of Marga-Readers and grilling up some Slawdogs Millionaire, we figured you'd like to finally know the results of our very own Best Picture poll.

The Nominees were:

The Wrestler


The Dark Knight

Slumdog Millionaire


The voting was close. With a winning margin of only five votes, the winner is....



David Burch said...

If only I were going to approve of tomorrow nights winners like I do this.

bryce j renninger said...

i was trying to figure out what your puns would be this year.

those are pretty damn good.

~ Maxime said...

Ugh - make the Slumdog stop!

Yay for Wall-E winning the only award that matters!

Kenneth said...

Really? Wall E?