Friday, June 12, 2009


For those of you who have been reading PopCultured from the beginning, you might remember a post I wrote about my FAVORITE blogger in the entire universe—save for maybe, Kristin Morris. Anyway, tonight, said blogger, AKA Dan Hopper was performing with his sketch comedy group at the UCB theater, and because Mr. Hopper blogged about it, I WAS THERE. Well needless to say, I came home from a long day of work, freshened up my make up, then headed back downtown 150 blocks to be exact, to see my hero in person. The rest of my story, and a picture AFTER THE JUMP!!

My friend Brooke was kind enough to join me on my mission, and we ended up getting to the theater embarrassingly early—we were the first people in line. About 10 minutes later a small group of hipsteresque kids joined us in line, and through my eavesdropping abilities, I deduced that the guy standing next to me was none other than Dan Hopper’s Brother. Well, I decided not to act on my first impulse, because frankly that would have probably scared him to death, and ruined any shot of me getting close to meeting my idol. So I played it cool, and didn’t say anything, but I was super excited to be standing near this kid.

Moving on—Brooke and I finally get into the theater, buy beer and sit in optimal beer getting seats. The moment I sit down, I see Dan Hopper on stage, and I liken it to seeing a sort of holy thing. Well, no not really—but still, it was amazing, and I got all excited and did my hand shaking excited dance like I do when I see previews for long anticipated movies. If you know me, I’m sure you’ve seen it. But seriously, this was it, I was in the same room with this guy—I was going to find a way to meet him, no matter what.

He started his show, and at one point he was like 3 feet away from me, and I was about to have a fit—but again, I kept it cool so as not to embarrass myself to death. This turned out to be a smart move—his show ended early and another show started, because of this little ounce of luck, Mr. Hopper was in the audience when the whole show ended.

After imbibing three Yuenglings within the hour I told Brooke that my goal was to shake Dan’s hand and possibly get a picture. When we saw him, my liquid courage kicked in a little bit, and I sheepishly approached him, tapped his shoulder and said “Hi, I don’t want to sound creepy, but you’re my favorite blogger and I really wanted to meet you.” He was nothing but kind to me and was nice enough to pose for a picture. I don’t really know what I said after that, because I was so starstruck, there was some babbling going on for sure…But that being said, I was on Cloud nine from that point on, and my 150 block local subway train ride flew by because of my fantastic evening.


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