Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seriously, I need an explanation...

A couple of weeks ago I posted a video that I happened across starring Demi Lovato (aka the poor man's Miley Cyrus), and some of my precious Muppets. I pondered to myself (and to my blog), why would Demi be singing with Beeker and the Electric Mayhem, and why on earth would Dr. Teeth allow the Electric Mayhem to play backup to the Camp Rock song? BTW, I don't buy the puppet excuse. As far as I'm concerned we all live in the Greg the Bunny universe. I digress.

ANYWAYS, last night I came across another disturbing Disnified video. This time starring Mickey's favorite purity peddlers, the Jonas Brothers, and that sexy swine, Miss Piggy. So I decided there had to be something to this--was the Muppet show back?!? And did they put it on the Disney Channel (eek)? Well, the answer is, kinda sorta, but not really. These 'performances' are part of an occasional variety show called "Studio DC: Almost Live," where Muppets and Disney 'favorites' perform together. The fact that I didn't know about this is actually kind of shocking to me--given my love for Muppets, and my bizarre tolerance/enjoyment of Hannah Montana--I'm surprised I didn't DVR the first show. And even though I can't bring myself to listen to any of the Studo DC songs in their entirety, I'm actually kind of glad that Disney is helping the Muppets remain relevant to this generation of tweens. Keep in mind, they weren't lucky enough to have the Muppet Babies!

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