Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Night is all right for watching...

So it's Sunday night in G-vegas and since I'm exhausted from being a social butterfly over the holiday, I decided to do the TV marathon. This time in the form of the Tudors...

While watching, I was obviously talking to David on good 'ole ichat, and here is our convo:

L: My Goal tonight--finish the second season of the Tudors
D: How many episodes do you have to go?
L: I think somewhere between 6-8
L: Ambitious? Yes.
L: I wonder if anyone has made a You Tube video montage of the Tudors while "Womanizer" was playing

(ED NOTE: 3 minutes later, after a quick youtube search)
L: Apparently 'yes' is the answer to that question:

And that conversation leads to this viddy:

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